New 'Fancy' episodes covers

A little update for my Patrons and listeners maybe considering to turn Patron.Those following The Rolistes Podcast on Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter) probably already caught sight of those, but I have started creating little covers to illustrate the episodes.

I taught it would be a good idea to attract new listeners via Instagram as well as bring older episodes to the  attention of recent follower.

Those should be useful once I'll update the look and feel of the show's website.

Speaking of which, I'd be very keen to read what improvements you would like to see happen with the Wordpress/website of The Rolistes Podcast.

To be honest I don't spend much time on the websites of my favourite podcasts. The input of my listeners would be very welcome.

Finally, I'm considering to write a little article to go along each of those covers. The idea would be for me to give a little update of hindsight on those episodes. I could for instance write a word or two about what was mentioned  in "What are you gonna read?".  That could be fun.

However, producing the podcast already takes a fair amount of my time.

What do you think of this idea and these covers?