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Chapter 1: Life Before I was Taken

(I'm not exactly proud of this story coming into fruition... Why I'm writing it is a... personal matter. I might as well try to make it a good story regardless. It will be like My Unwanted Life 1... but it will start before the big change.)


{Rui's Point of View}

-August 4th, 1963-

(Santos Mansion)

"Get the fuck out of my room; you stupid fucks can't even make my bed properly."

My name is Rui, I'm 13 years old. I'm a rich white male that lives in a mansion surrounded by dense woods. Many rare and powerful pokemon live in those woods. How did we make all our money? My father gained access to the first pokeballs... caught some of the creatures... then sold their stupid asses into slavery. 80 miles up a dirt road is the city called Hearth. Our pokemon work as slave laborers for several companies. Some are used for... physical needs, others are used for more liable means. I even caught my dad raping a Lopunny he caught, the stupid rabbit was crying too, like a little bitch. My older brothers talk about sex like it's going out of fashion, but I honestly don't care for it. I just like being that guy to say, hey do this or you're fucking fired.

You probably think I'm an asshole, well guess what? I am a fucking asshole. It's not like anything will ever happen to me. I'm top shit because of my dad. You mess with me, he can ruin your whole life. The only thing that has ever scared me, is an undiscovered pokemon that lives in the forest. I try to warn my dad about it, but he won't listen. There's something in those woods, it kills and skins humans. I found one of our butlers dead near the gate. His skin was gone, completely. I was terrified, but I'm safe as long as I'm in this mansion.

I muttered to myself, "Stupid maids, can't even tuck in blankets correctly."

I finished making sure my room is sparkling from how clean it is. Making sure my blankets are even and flat. My favorite colors are white, black and grey. My room reflected this with white floors, walls and ceiling. My large windows are covered by black curtains. My blankets on my king sized bed, are grey. It was nice. The floors are covered by carpet, which is white, if you can remember. Hahaha. I like to think commoners are so... unintelligent.

One of our waiters came into my room, "Young Master, your father wishes to see you."

I stroked my bed, "Tell my father, to finish his little game first, BEFORE, I arrive."

The waiter bowed, leaving the room quickly. He knows how quick I am to fire anyone that questions me. My parents respect me enough to never bother me either. I do my studies on my own, and experiment when I can. It's fun to mess with baby pokemon, to toy with their young bodies, finding weaknesses. Buneary are quite easy to shame, all it takes is shaving the fur on their ears. HAHAHAHA! It's priceless to see them curl up and cry. One even killed itself, which surprised me. It meant I needed a new buneary to experiment on. Then there's the poisons I gather from weedle, seviper, and nidorans. Nidorans are quite messy though. I have to cut them open and remove their poison glands manually. Their disgusting blood gets everywhere too, ugh. I walked over to my full body mirror, fixing myself to look presentable.

The same waiter came back, "He's done."

I brushed my hair aside, "Good. Let us go."


(Santos Mansion-Main Living Room)

My father started pacing upon my arrival, feverishly pacing back and forth. I gingerly walked over to one of our many soft couches, laying amongst the many cushions. My father gets like this from time to time; my brothers say he was never like this before my mother's death. I bet he didn't screw the animals like a desperate fuck either before she died. To me, the guy is a walking shit stain. Who fucks these things, especially when their kids are around? It's hard to believe he can make money off them. Eh, I really shouldn't care, I don't even have to work for the rest of my life. I get anything I want, what else is there to want?

My father finally spoke, "Your experiments need to stop."

I raised a brow, "Why is that? I'm learning about these things."

My father looked at me, "There's a new bill soon to be passed about treating these creatures humanely. That means you can't toy with them like you do."

I then asked, "What about under different circumstances, such as, twas dead before I experimented on it?"

Father gave me a disgusted look, "What is wrong with you?"

I laughed at him, "Do not play innocent here father, you're the one making love to a furry creature, after all. I merely wish to learn about them, especially about their body development. It's quite fascinating how these creatures can emit light as they evolve. Some can even be forced into their new evolution, dictating that age does not apply to them. How can any of this research be seen as inhumane?"

Father sat down, "Rui, you've been ripping them open for no reason at all. I've seen your 'research' papers; they are nothing but petty squabbles about their blood or cries. Face it son, you're sick, you enjoy hurting them."

I glanced aside, hiding my face, "That may very well be true, there is nothing like messing with life as if you're a god. I enjoy making them understand that I own them, just before they die."

Father shook his head, "Son, they could arrest you, especially if one of our servants tells the police."

I laughed at him, "You'll protect me father, the police mean nothing."

My father got up, yelling at me, "My power is not infinite, boy! I have my limits to what I can do! Stop parading around like a smart sadistic commoner!"

I smirked at the ceiling, "This boy was raised by you, yes? Then doesn't the blame fall solely on your shoulders? After all, it's your job to cheat me right and wrong, well guess what, you taught me wrong."

My father cupped his hands on his face, "Son... there is a thing in this word called karma. One day, you'll realize this, and it will be too late."

I stood up, brushing my black dress pants slightly, "If that is all, then I shall go father."

He sat there, holding his head, waving me off, "Fine, also, fix your tie. It's messing up your suit."

I did just that, heading to the basement to see my last experiment. As I walk there, I might as well talk about myself. I'm 5 feet tall, whether that is tall or short for my age, I know not. I interact with no other child of my age. I cannot even recall having another person as a friend. I don't even know what a friend is. Is that a person you like, or someone that just hangs around you for their benefit? If it's the latter, then I don't need them. While in the mansion, I am always dressed in proper fashion, thanks to my father. I wear my black suit, with a white shirt underneath and a black tie. Matching black dress parts and shoes go with it, making me look like a business man. I'm Caucasian white, virtually no tan since I'm barely ever outside. Even if I'm outside, it's typically at night to watch the stars. When I'm alone, I love to wear what the commoners do, a t-shirt, typically black, with shorts, or in some cases, sweat pants. If I'm ever in town, I wear a zip up sweater with a hoodie to hide my face. Some of my social studies deduced that it is better not to stick out as a rich person around those people.



-Several Hours Later-

I nearly finished my studies, today I experiment on the mating culture of two nidoran. It is quite strange. Last week, I accidentally left a nidorino and nidorina together in custody. When I returned, I found them finished from their sexual intercourse. Strangely, the nidorina did not get pregnant. This baffled me, because it goes against standard laws defined by nature. The female nidoran was able to lay eggs, showing that pokemon do not give birth to live children. It's fascinating, and that means i do not have to wait for my subjects to evolve before they can breed. I'll have an infinite supply of nidoran poison. What about the other pokemon? Do they follow the same rule too, I wonder.

My brother entered without my knowledge, "Rui, what the hell are you doing!?"

I looked at him, nidoran blood on my hands, "Oh, Greg, it's you. What do you need?"

Greg looked mortified, "Is this what you do on your spare time!?"

I shrugged, "What I do on my spare time, is my business alone, why do you care? ... I see from your expression that you demand an answer, so I will comply. I do this every day."

Greg walked over to me, grabbing my suit, "How can you just act so calm about this!? You murdered these poor baby pokemon!"

I snickered at his behavior, "Why the fuck should I give a crap about them? They're mine, I own them. I can do anything I want to them."

Greg shoved me, "You think this is what the family needs!?"

I smiled at him, "Yep, just like how you needed that 'fix' for your friend."

Greg flinched at that, "I didn't know you had to do all this for that!"

I got up, brushing myself off, "What does it matter? I'm merely enjoying myself while going through expendable resources."

Greg made a fist, "Rui, all life is precious, how could you not see that?"

I looked at the discarded carcasses, "I only see knowledge. Knowledge I have to gain, either by sacrifice, or selling my soul. I will have that knowledge."

Greg poked my chest aggressive, "Rui, there are some things we are not meant to learn if this is the process to get it! Look at yourself, you even have blood on your hands! When does it stop little brother!? Where does the human you end and the monster part begin?"

I raised a brow, "Human? Monster? I do not waste my time on such frivolous allegiances. I am Rui, a boy who wants to learn more about these creatures through extreme methods. If this bothers you so much, then ignore it. It might just be a stage I am going through, since I am still young."

Greg shook his head, "Rui, you're digging your own grave with this 'research' of yours. One day, you'll realize how wrong you were, and how much blood you'll spill paying for it. Your blood is a dime a pint, so you'll be spilling a lot to pay that debt."

I clapped for his speech, "My, my, you are quite the speaker when you want to be. I so thoroughly enjoyed you wasting... about 15 minutes of my life, as well as dirtying my outfit. Thank you older brother, I appreciate your concern and shall take this conversation under advisement."

I never saw the punch coming, and it hit me right in the jaw, "Listen to me you stupid kid!"

I rubbed my jaw, laughing a bit, "Kid? What you did was far more immature than anything I've done."

Greg had heard enough, "Fine, you want to walk towards the end of your life like this? Then so be it, don't expect anyone else to help you when the shit hits the fan!"

I yelled as he left, "Nothing will happen to me, I'm untouchable Greg! You know that!"

I looked around, seeing my experiments, the fruits of that labor, and all the dead bodies. For a moment, I began understanding why he looked so disgusted. Maybe he was right, maybe I am taking this too far...


-Later That Day-


night has already fallen, and the stars looked beautiful. I love seeing them twinkle. Oh! A shooting star! Wow... I wish I could make something that beautiful. I sat in the grass, looking up with a smile. I only feel this way at night, smiling honestly, instead of forcing it. I love the night sky... well, I prefer night over day regardless. The kricketune played music, most prominently mating calls, or maybe it was to get a 'friend', but I would not know. I'm a loner, like always, and what I do enjoy makes others sick. Footsteps came from behind me, alerting me, so I spun around only to find my eldest brother there.

I got up, "Cray!? When did you get back!?"

Cray looked serious, "Just now, Greg told me about your conversation with him."

I looked down shamefully, Cray is the only brother I try to appease, "I'm sorry for the way I acted... I didn't mean to upset him."

Cray pat my head, "Rui, tell me what's the matter with you. Why are you doing all of this?"

I looked at him, answering him honestly, "I'm doing it... because I can..."

Cray gave me a disapproving look, "Rui, that can't just be it. There has to be more."

I glanced aside to avoid eye contact, "Cray, I have nothing else to do... this is the only thing I do that excites me. I know it's harsh... it's... inhumane... but I enjoy it. I enjoy learn, even if it kills my subjects. I'm not like you all, I don't have... friends."

Cray put his hand on my shoulder, "Rui, we all know you're lonely. If you just ask us, we can take you to the city and get you a friend."

I looked into his eyes, "I don't know what a friend is Cray. It's just a word with no meaning to me. I also know they would only do it for their own benefit."

Cray smiled a bit, "You will one day, and that day will be tomorrow. We're going to the city tomorrow, so you'll be able to meet new people. Isn't that exciting?"

I wasn't too thrilled about this, "Cray, I don't need a friend, honest."

Cray rubbed my head hard, "Nonsense, you need a normal life, not one full of torture basements. Besides, it's been three months since I've been home. We need time for the four of us to catch up."

I started wondering about Bert, so I asked him, "Cray, have you seen Bert yet?"

Cray shook his head no, "Why?"

I said, "I haven't seen Bert is almost three weeks. Ever since he got that job, he's been disappearing."

Cray looked intrigued, "That's strange, I'll go find out what he's been up to."

I nodded in acknowledgement, "Good, I'll stay here and enjoy the stars a little longer."

Cray pat my back, "Alright little bro, you do that and then head straight to bed, got it?"

I smiled at him, "Don't worry Cray-Cray, I'll do it."


-Later That Night-

(Outside the Front of the Mansion)

It had gotten late, so I began heading back to the mansion. I was tired, and a bit cold from the chilly night air. As I neared the front doors, I heard a lot of cars begin their approach. I turned around, spotting at least 17 cars entering the complex. Without hesitation, I got inside, and inspected the situation from safety. I peered through a window, opening it to allow more sound in. I just needed to know what was going on, and why they were here. Several car doors opened, revealing a plethora of men covered from head to toe with clothing. They must be trying to hide their identities, why?

Then, my brother came into view, "Hurry up you lot, we need to burn them while they're still asleep."

I froze, 'Burn?'

My brother watched as the men, and probably a few women, pulled out containers of gasoline, pouring it around the house. I ran to one of our phones, hoping to alert the authorities. Instead, I discovered that the line was cut, from the outside, meaning we couldn't call for help. To make matters worse, we're 80 miles from the city, how could we ever get the help we need in time?

I heard the door open, "It's unlocked, I'll spread some inside."

I immediately ran to find my brothers and father, they needed to know about this. What I found, however, is that the waiters and maids were in on this as well. My brother, Greg, was dead on the staircase leading up to our rooms. His blood seeped down, dripping from step to step. I felt panic start to swell within me as I stared at him, but the smell of smoke shocked me back to reality. I ran up, finding a few maids and waiters dead as well. I got to my father's room first, but he was dead as well. I started searching for Cray, but he was nowhere to be found. Did he get away?

I heard a voice from the staircase, "I'll check to see if anyone else is alive up here. Give me some gas to light that place up afterwards."

Someone was coming upstairs and I need to get out of here. Luckily there's another staircase at the end of the hallway. For the first time in my life, I'm genuinely terrified. I've never imagined something like this happening to me. The staircase on the other side was set ablaze, but there was a clear section I could jump to. The man was already up here, so I had to be quick. I jumped to the clear section and gripped the railing. It snapped, being weakened from the fire. I almost tumbled into the flames, but caught myself out of sheer fear. My heart was racing, my mind processing everything as I began to realize this just might be the cost Greg and my father spoke of. Wait, no, this isn't my fault. Bret is the one who caused this, not me!

I heard loud footsteps as the man that came upstairs ran over to the staircase, "I knew I heard something!"

I flinched, looking back at him, "Oh no..."

He yelled, "Guys, we have a survivor!"

I took my chances and started to jumped down the stairs haphazardly. There wasn't any time to waste, but I reached the first floor with relatively no damage. The only problem, I twisted my ankle a little bit on the last landing. Fire raged all around me, smoke filled my lungs as I coughed. I used my shirt to block my mouth as a makeshift filter. The fire blocked the entrances to the area, protecting me as I made my way towards a clear window. The twisted ankle hurt, but I could still jog on it.

I muttered to myself, "Come on, just a little farther."

I opened the window, forcing myself outside before the fires got to me. I landed in a bush, hurting my left arm a bit. I stood up, looking around for any of the monsters responsible for this. In all honesty, I have no idea what I'm going to do. Wait... is this even a good idea? I'll be going into the forest alone, with nothing to protect me.

The guy from the second floor ran outside, "One person might have escaped!"

Caution to the win then, I'll have a long walk ahead of me. If I make it to the city, what will I do? Do I go to the police? I didn't have time to think about it, I needed to get out of here. Once the coast was clear, I ran across the grass, reaching the tall fence around the Mansion. The gate is being guarded by seven men, so that was a no go. The fence is far too high with no grips at all, that means I can't climb over it. There's a thick thorn bush that lines it as well, so that'll be painful. I started walking, looking at my home burning. Where was Cray? Did he escape, or was he a part of this?

I found a hole that led underneath the fence, "A hole? A pokemon must have made this. Is it big enough for me though?"

I started inspecting the hole, noticing it was a lot wider than I thought. I was able to fit, and crawl through it. When I reached the other side, I felt like something was off. I've never been in the forest at night, and with how far the walk is, I have to walk through it. Bret will probably have his servants drive up and down the road for me. The forest is dangerous... but... wait, why am I scared? These creatures have to be afraid of humans, after all, we've been capturing their kind.

I started walking into the forest, looking around for anything dangerous. Wind began to blow, making the branches above me shake, bushes moved as if someone was in them. Some pokemon looked as though they are running from something. That raised alarm bells in my head, especially the red berries in those bushes. There was only two of them and they were quite big. ...Wait... only two- Oh my god, they blinked! Those are eyes!

I heard whispers, "Gedo tlas dei glorv."(gardevian translation-"Can see, there is, human(male)." Direct translation, but real translation would be, look, there's a male human.)

A cute giggle rang around me, "Heeheehee, glorv doir veiro."(gardevian translation-"human(male), is there, cute." Real translation would be, the male human is cute.)

One of the bushes shook as a strangely human like pokemon I've never seen before, stood up. It has large red eyes, wearing a dress with it's arms and torso being covered by green fabric. The rest of the dress is as white as its skin. Its hair is green, with it curling up to go down the middle of its face. More of it appeared around me, surrounding me.

I said, "Stay away from me."

One looked at the others, laughing, "Glorv devoi sral."

I looked around, seeing 6 of them before trying to run, only to hit an invisible wall. I turned around, pressing my back to it as I saw one of their eyes glowing. It must have created this invisible barrier. What do they want with me? What even are they?

One whispered to me with a smile, "Geilvo glorv."

I started to feel tired, slipping down until I was sitting. My eyes were heavy, and there was nothing I could do as I inevitably fell asleep.


(that's the end of the first chapter, and the start of his journey. Karma is a bitch, and I really disliked writing the story with my character acting like this. Now he's going to start paying for his actions after his family is killed. Please favorite, follow, and review if you want to support this story.)