New-Fangled Internets
We owe you all a video as well as a review of Portune schools.  The delay has been in improving the production quality of our videos as well as our service in general.  We are currently negotiating with our artist to detail and update the national logos and potentially artwork for the schools in the base book.

We will be transferring the website to another server and upgrading it as part of a week long process.  It will include the forum discussed in our videos.  Yay!  Learning HTML for the first time in my life has be as rewarding as it is frustrating.  Figuring out why certain lines in a framework don't copy well is a nightmare atm!

The design team hit two major snags in the last ten days.  We were reviewing the schools when someone accidentally 'broke' the naval combat rules.  We're not talking a -little- bit here, more like the concept blew up and caught on fire!  So we have been working tirelessly to sew a brand new ship combat system into the game.

The new system is much more robust and will feel far more natural than its predecessor...the trouble comes in connecting its rules and rules references accurately.  Its a lot like installing a new breaker box- even if its an organized operation it takes time to verify that all the connections match.

The next Dime Novel is well underway and will be ready AHEAD! of time for our monthly deadline.  Its a bit of a horror story  ; ) .  We will be returning to the adventures of Julian later in the month as well!

One of the schools for Portune is a little behind schedule.  The design team is dealing with the dual nature of making a school that follows math, or good game-play.  The actual worry isn't how 'broken' the school is- but rather how fragile it appears to be.  The output is nominal and in many ways greater than other schools offered in the game, but the drawback for failure is seen as quite extreme.  I'll be talking more on this in our next video!