NEW FAV DECK! Elite Barbs/Hog Cycle - my favorite variation!
I LOVE THIS DECK!!! Hog Rider and Elite Barbarian decks are starting to sprout up EVERYWHERE in Clash Royale, including both ladder and tournament play. In today's episode I'll share my favorite deck combining the two and explain WHY I like it so much and how I play the supporting cast of cards. It's VERY important to note that I am not the original player of this deck. I actually noticed someone in a recent Bren Chong CWA Tournament using it and I copied it :-P unfortunately I did not write down their name as, at the time, I had no idea how much I would love it. Anywho, similar variations can be found all over the meta, but, as always, I'll try to add strategy advise and tips that you can't pick off just watching a replay to help you guys have success with it as well.