For a few years now I've been struggling with getting back to remembering my dreams in the morning. They are a powerful tool for self-knowledge and without them it's very difficult to analyze my inner self. When I was in psychoanalysis my therapist always asked me about my dreams but I never managed to get them flowing again.

So every now and then when I'm lucky enough to remember something, I need to write it down to increase my chances to remember the next ones. Just telling people isn't enough, I need to actually write them.

Since most of the times they are weird and funny, I thought it would nice to share them with my patrons. For only 1 dollar a month!

That's right, folks. I'm actually selling my dreams. That's what it means to be an artist under the Capitalist system.

And please make sure you invite more people to join this Patreon. The more people are here, the more "content" I can produce.