New Fiction on the Web Patreon rewards
Hi all,

Thank you so much for supporting Fiction on the Web!

I've updated the rewards, so now you get more cool stuff for being a patron.

The biggest change is that ALL PATRONS at the $1 level and above can now submit stories to Fiction on the Web even if the submission window is closed, and your submissions will get FAST TRACKED - I'm usually able to respond within a couple of days.

From now on, I'll be doing one exclusive post per month (like this one) for patrons. If there's something you want to see, let me know!

Ok, ok, with that bit out of the way, exciting news:

I'm working on a printed anthology of the very best Fiction on the Web stories from the last 21 years. WOOOOOOO!

It's going to be amazing.

I'm aiming for as many as 100,000 words. It's going to be professionally edited, one of my favourite graphic designers is going to do the cover, it's hopefully going to have a bunch of extra stuff thrown in (ideas welcome!), and it's going to be a beautiful, physical, made-of-paper book.

And, thanks to you, all proceeds will be going to charity.

The intended publication date is November 2017. I've shortlisted 108 stories from the 1000+ that I've published, and I'm reading through them all again to select the best 30 or so.

(A sneak preview for you: a polished-up version of this story will be in there.)

If there's a story you've read at Fiction on the Web that really stuck with you, let me know (if you haven't already!) and I'll make sure it's on the shortlist.

In other news...

WELCOME to our newest patron, Andrew Miller!

I went to see Tristan and Yseult at the Globe, and it was wonderful. I highly recommend it, and anything else Kneehigh Theatre ever do. Best films I saw this month were My Life as a Courgette (still in cinemas), The Eagle Huntress, and Babadook; biggest disappointment was High-Rise.

Featured short story competitions, courtesy of The Writers' Academy:

Oregon Literary Fellowships - 23rd June, free entry, $3,500 prize.

Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers - 30th June, $18 entry, $2,500 prize.

Fool for Poetry Chapbook Competition - 30th June, €25 entry, €1,000 prize.

Drue Heinz Literature Prize - 30th June, free entry, $15,000 prize.

See y'all next month!


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Fast track submissions
$1 or more per month 21 patrons

For just 25 cents a week you're helping keep Fiction on the Web ad free, and:
  • You can send stories even if the submissions window is closed
  • Your submissions will be fast tracked (if you include "PATRON" in the email subject line)
  • I'll help promote your creative projects
  • You'll get credited as a supporter in published anthologies
  • Discounts to enter competitions
  • And more!
Stories by Charlie Fish
$3 or more per month 6 patrons

Thank you for your generosity! At this level you’ll get access to exclusive Charlie Fish stories. Whenever I have something new I'll share it with you, way before it gets published.

You also get all the above rewards.

Audiobooks by Charlie Fish
$5 or more per month 5 patrons

Wow, I am so grateful! At this level you’ll not only get access to the exclusive Charlie Fish stories mentioned above, but you’ll get to hear me reading them out loud.

You also get all the above rewards.

Actual books!
$10 or more per month 5 patrons

Thank you thank you thank you! I will send you at least one actual book each year. It'll most likely be something published by Fiction on the Web or featuring a story by Charlie Fish.

You also get all the above rewards.

Hang out with Charlie Fish
$20 or more per month 1 patron

Your generosity is humbling. I'd like to meet you and chat with you in person. Supporters at this level will be invited to contact me directly and ask me anything you like.

You also get all the above rewards.

Professional critiques of your own writing
$50 or more per month 0 patrons

I’m blown away. Thank you so much. You can send me a short story, which I will professionally critique. Visit to see what you’ll get and to read testimonials.

You also get all the above rewards.

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