New Film Photos Coming Soon!
As y'all may know, I'm presently on the go in the middle of Photo Hell. Right now I'm in Tokyo with Team Midboss, resting up before Square Sound's festivities get started tonight. This is all possible thanks to you, and if you aren't already a Patron remember that by supporting me you'll get access to all the cool photos I take over the next two months that no one else gets to see!!

Some of you long-term Patrons may remember a time when I used to bring disposable cameras to shows that didn't allow photography at them, and I'd post the spoils over here. It's been a couple years since the last time I made a post like that, but I'm excited to say I'm bringing it back! 

I've got some older stuff to publish, like some photos from 2014 AND 2015, as well a secret project I haven't talked about anywhere yet. Your patronage helped me cover the film costs, so I'll be giving you all an exclusive look at these photos before anyone else. I'm going to start rolling the photos out next week, and hopefully will have them posted weekly while I'm on the go with Photo Hell. I want this space to be vibrant and full of photos while I'm traveling, and this will help me do that while also alleviating some of the pressure that comes with editing work immediately after I take the photos.

I also purchased about 10 cameras to take lots of tourist photos with while I'm on the go. Carrying around the digital camera can be stressful on my body, and I wanted to do something a little more fun than your average cell phone pictures. I'll be publishing those photos here as I get them developed too. 

Thank you again for supporting me!! I'm so happy about the work that I'm able to create thanks to all of you. I hope you enjoy the results 💖

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