New Fish That Snag - BLOG -
G'Day Folks - NEED SOME HELP - When I said I was taking a break, what they really means is that I am out adventuring & fishing when the weather is good & when it is not I lock myself in my office & get busy creating content for 2017. One of the new additions for 2017 will be the Fish That Snag - BLOG - which will be a written record, to complement my videos, featuring trip reports, product reviews, fishing sessions, tips & tricks etc with links to videos & supporter pages & the like. I have already started uploading a range of BLOG posts & was wondering if you would have some free time to visit the Fish That Snag website through the link below, have a read & let me know what you think, either by leaving a comment here, or on the blog itself. Any feedback is greatly appreciated & as always thank you so much for your ongoing support.