New Flash Fiction: The Last Snowfall
I haven't seen a real copy yet, but it looks as though my flash fiction entry, The Last Snowfall, will be included in the latest version of the holiday-themed anthology Tales by the Tree from BHC Press. 

I submitted it back in July. I haven’t heard a word from BHC since. There is now a preview on ISSUU, so I took a peek. Lo and behold, my story is listed as starting on page 90.

The link to the ISSUU web page (see image below) is

It's a bittersweet Christmas story about a little girl trying to deliver a special gift for her mother—and she's running short on time.

If you're in the mood for holiday fiction, please check it out!

The anthology is on Amazon, but not yet released for sale. I believe it will be released on November 17, 2017. Here are the details:

Tales by the Tree

• Paperback 

• Publisher: BHC Press (November 17, 2017) 

• Language: English 

• ISBN-10: 194600670X 

• ISBN-13: 978-1946006707

This just in! The Kindle version is available!

Here's the link (US):

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