New free public video: "Our Friend and Teacher"

Vermin Supreme and friends show what happens when you use your free speech too much!

Starring Katie Coriander, Sarah Josselyn, Noelle Shaffer, Bret Matteo, Parama Chattopadhyay, Feelings Detective, Steve Asaro, Terry Franklin, Anna Cole, Amelia Bedelia, Queen Quill, Lucretia X Machina, Disarray Wrong, Marrianne O'Connor, Dose McDose, Butt Fucker, "Flower Man" Rod Webber, Warren Lynch and Vermin Supreme!

Director of Photography- Stee McMorris

Assistant Director- Chris Morrill

2nd AD and Hippie Wrangler- Parama Chattopadhyay

3rd AD and Kid Wrangler- Noelle Shaffer

Key grip- Bret Matteo

Music- Kyle Fiske and Lord Christian Miller

Color- Stee McMorris

Directed and Edited by Warren Lynch

Special Thanks to Lady Kat Schimke, Scott Matalon and the crew of 



A Witchworks Films production