New game Prototype nearly ready
I am please to announce that i am nearly ready to unveil a new prototype for Project Sidewinder.

also i have since settled on a name, the launch name for Project SideWinder is "HeroesGlen".

news and changes.

currently the new prototype has systems in place for:

  • Character Creation; the character creator has been revised and rebuilt.
  • Level System (which lays the foundation for a class system).
  •  World System: including 5 World zones which will each have 5 areas with lots of content to explore. 
  •  Race Library; a full library for player races, at the moment differences is size type and attributes but i intend to expand on it in the future. 
  •  Trait Library; a template has been made for an expansive trait system. 
  • PlayerData; the player data file has been rebuilt and should be much more robust

Technology changes:

i have decided to move from a unity game environment to a console application, primarily this is to take the focus off wiring and ui and allow me to focus my energy and attention on the game itself.

new Disciplined approach;

since starting my new job i have been learning a lot about testing and software engineering in general and i am hoping to put my new knowledge to practice on project sidewinder.

Assemblies and Expansion potentials;

i have learned how to build how to build something as a library file and build as an assembly, this will allow me to build new features and content for the game as assemblies, this means i now have the capability to later build expansions for the game.

getters and setter:

in an attempt to make the game mod friendly i have been putting getters and setters onto nearly all functions in the game, but the data itself will be protected, this is intended to make it so that the core mechanics are accessible and can be used to make mods for the game in the future when i have learned more about building my game to be mod friendly which should be made easier with the introduction of assemblies and build order.

mod support foundation:

as brushed on previous i have put in place a few basic concepts in an effort to lay a foundation for complete mod support, it is my hope that i will be able to give you complete modding powers for the game this combined with assemblies to add content should hopefully make it possible for you to use the game framework to make your own adventures.