New Game: picky pumpkins

Greetings, wanderers of the infinite void.

I've been down, my friends. Way down. There's still a gaping hole in my kitchen that, unless repaired, promises to keep me nice and preserved for the winter. My dead laptop is still dead, which means my outdoor activities are still severely limited. I've been spinning my wheels big time with 3D game development. And a host of other pesky and depressing minor health problems hit me all at once. Not to mention, of course, depression and anxiety, which tricks me into thinking everything I do is worthless.

So the obvious solution is to make a happy little game: picky pumpkins. You play as Lala, a youngun tasked with collecting pumpkins from your grandmother's community garden so she can make her award-winning pumpkin pies!

I'll type up my notes in the coming days, but for now I know I want to make it easier on myself by making an enclosed environment, inspired by games like Super Coin Box. I'm also going to be documenting my progress on TigSource (I need to get in the habit of doing that more).

Stay tuned.