Hey everyone. I just wanted to put a quick post out regarding the second financial goal for this project

I edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro through Creative Cloud - it's a fantastic bit of software! The downside being the cost...there's a monthly fee attached of £20/$25 a month. As you're unable to monetise covers on YouTube (as it's licensed content), the only funding that's generated is through Patreon

So that I can maintain the best quality I can, it'd be great to get a few more patrons involved! If you guys can do me a huge favour and share/spread this profile around and help get people on board, I'd be so thankful!

One thing that I would likely have to do is switch this over to a monthly pledge rather than per-video...The reason for this:

If I do end up releasing more than one video a month then it could be a case of you all being charged more than anticipated. I'd rather have people be charged the 'normal' amount and, if there's a month where I don't produce any content, I would just make sure to make up for it the next month so that you still get what you pay for

I think it's a bit fairer to everyone but I want to make sure you're all cool with it before I make the transition!