So holy crap, you guys. We've already passed our first goal! You're all awesome. Every one of you. High fives all around. Let's get a pizza. 

We'll let you know when we'll post some polls for future commentaries soon. 


We're not stopping there! We've announced a NEW goal so check it out!

Tier Benefits
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Patrons Only
$1 or more per month
- Receive an EARLY and EXTENDED episode of The Wanger Show before it airs on SK Plus. 

- Receive EARLY access to short films and sketches before they air on Amateur Hour Films.

$3 or more per month
All previous tiers PLUS: 

- Commentary tracks with Cobbster, Cody, Brian and sometimes a guest! Watch movies and laugh along with us!

- Behind-the-scenes/VLOGS/BONUS videos where we record ourselves being stupidly entertaining.

- HorrorFlix videos where Cody and Cobbster and definitely not Brian sit down and discuss their favorite horror films in a mostly creative way. 

$5 or more per month
All previous tiers PLUS: 

- Your name will be in the credits!

- You get access to our Wanger Pitches! These videos will be dedicated to the Wangers' pitches for various movies, video games, and more! These will be wonderfully edited (ish) presentations that will make you laugh and yell "GO PICTURE!"

- You get to play with us on Twitch! You'll be notified when we're streaming live and if you have the same game we're playing, you get to join the party! PS4 players get to play with Cody and Cobbster. XBOX One players are stuck with Brian...

$10 or more per month
REJOOOOOIIIIIIIICEEE!!!! All previous tiers PLUS: 

- You get to be a part of The Wanger Show! Whether by phone call, video message, voicemail, or just a good ol' fashioned comment, you will be notified when we're looking for some questions and you can jump on in there. Don't be scared! We like talking to you guys!

- You'll be credited as an Associate Producer on our short films and sketches

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