It’s been two years since I started doing Patreon-funded stitch patterns, and I’ve been having a good time. I’ve been thinking, though, that it would be a good thing to shake up my goals a bit and try to get more backers to join us.

I’ve also been looking at the delightful words in the word hoard and thinking about ways to get them into circulation now that I’ve reached a point where I rarely need to dip into them.

After some reflection, I think I’ve come up with a solution: I’m going to change my goals so that if I get to $50 pledged per month, I’ll do two stitch patterns each month. The first pattern will be as it always has been: drawn randomly from the month’s suggestions. The second pattern will be drawn randomly from the hoard.

Two things make me particularly happy about this idea: encoding more hoarded words and making sure everyone gets more chances at having their words encoded.