Hey Fit Family! We've got a new goal - to reach $400 dollars per video! It's totally reachable and with your help, we'll get there.  We have decided to do something a little unorthodox. If we reach said $400 dollars we will do an unscheduled unapproved flash mob in a mall on a busy day. Maybe by ourselves. Maybe with some people crazy enough to join us. Maybe improvised. Maybe we'll choreograph something. Maybe we'll get escorted out by security. Maybe we'll be banned from going to that mall again. Who knows. Either way, it'll be amazing. And entertaining. And embarrassing. So, help us, help you. ;-) If you're already a Patron, please check out the other reward levels. They're really cool and really helpful. You can get the modified version to see how you can still do the routine in a simpler, less intense way. Or get the back view so when we say go to the right, you'll actually be going to the right. Or the choreography breakdown version where we go through and explain all the steps to you. You're own private dance lesson! Or better yet, get access to our live Masterclasses so when/if you can't attend them you can still be there. The list goes on. And we'll be giving a freebie of these reward levels soon so you'll have a better idea of what you'd be getting. You know you want more TnT in your life. ;-) Please consider increasing your donation if you can. If not, please share the love with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, heck even strangers. Post on social media groups, communities, pages, profiles, etc. Tell people how much fun you have watching us and dancing with us. We'd appreciate it and you won't regret it. Be prepared for something we've never done before. Let's do this!