New Goal Added!

I'm excited to reveal a NEW first goal we're aiming for! 


When WE reach this goal WE will have 'in-house' PATRON ONLY monthly contests, where you enter to WIN one of two things : 

  • A book review personally written by me -- or -- 
  • A promotional book trailer created by me!  

I get a huge amount of book review requests daily, so winning this contest as one of my patrons gives you THE CHANCE TO JUMP THE QUEUE! 

Remember you're not paying for a review, or book trailer, these are my competition prizes - REWARDS - for you, my patrons!  ;)  

Whether you pay $1 or $50 you'll ALL be invited to enter once these contests go live. 

Let's hope we reach this goal soon! 



P.S. Thanks for your continued support. Here's to the success of everything we're aiming for, and a great future for all!  

Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month 18 patrons
To THANK YOU for supporting me at this level each month, YOU GET... 
  • Your BOOK COVER or AUTHOR PROFILE added to my Patron Wall as a SUPER backer, placed on the FRONT of site, with a LINK to your website or book on Amazon. This is the smallest pic, at the smallest level. 
  • You'll get the chance for YOUR BOOK to be FEATURED as our  BOOK OF THE MONTH in our Goodreads Online Discussion and Reading Group! 
  • A monthly INSTAGRAM shout out!  
  • 10 Tweets ( *at least*  ) each month! 
  •  You can enter the MONTHLY PATRON ONLY CONTESTS to win either a book review -- or -- a trailer for YOUR BOOK!  
  • You can share your news in our NEWSLETTER
  • By becoming one of my supporters you get to post your own book covers and news on our community page. 
  • You can post your book promos in our very own Yahoo Group - with no limitations! 
  • You'll be added to our Twitter Newspaper
  • Take part in group contests via Rafflecopter. 


  • Of course, YOU ALSO HUGE gratitude for being SO supportive!   
$3 or more per month 11 patrons
THANK YOU! At this level you get everything in the $1 level PLUS...
  • YOU GET LISTED as a LEVEL 2 COOL PATRON BACKER on my Patron Wall on the FRONT of! This includes either a book cover or author photo with a clickable link to your sales page or website. 
  • 20 book TWEETS per month! 

(I've got an ever growing Twitter audience with currently at around 23k followers. In addition, my tweets appear on my blog and in my subscriber posts and split off into various social media accounts. So there's plenty of opportunity for them to be seen by book bloggers, my readers, and other bookish people!) 

$5 or more per month 8 patrons
THANK YOU ! All the above rewards are yours 


  • You get an INCREASED amount of TWEETS making a total of 40 each month! 
  • Your BOOK COVER listed (includes clickable link) as a Level 3 SUPER-COOL PATRON BACKER! (Placed higher up the page).
  • A GUARANTEED AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT once a month! (Great if you have a huge back-list, as spaces fill up fast)


I will re-blog one of your posts. (This directs people from my blog to yours!) 

$10 or more per month 5 patrons
THANK YOU! All the above (SUPER, COOL, and SUPER-COOL) rewards are ALREADY yours 


  • TWEETS are INCREASED to 60 each month! 
  • Your BOOK COVER listed ABOVE LEVEL 4 (includes clickable link) as a Level 4 PATRON BACKER! 

$20 or more per month 2 patrons
THANK YOU! All the above rewards are yours 


  • TWEETS are INCREASED to 100 each month! 


  • Your BOOK COVER listed HIGHER on the FRONT PAGE of our WALL OF PATRONS, as a Level 5 MY HERO PATRON BACKER!  (Includes clickable link and is placed higher up the page). 
$50 or more per month 5 of 6 patrons
I've temporarily limited this tier to 6 members, so I can concentrate on my current Patrons. Please do query me if you are interested in my PA/VA services, detailed below. I may be able to fit you in, depending upon your needs and my available hours, which can vary from job-to-job. THANK YOU!  

My aim is to provide you with Personal Assistant/Virtual Assistant (PA/VA) support, freeing you to pursue your creativity and achieve your writing goals! 

With this TOTALLY AWESOME bespoke level YOU GET...

ALL the previous stuff 


  • TWEETS are INCREASED to 200 tweets a month 
  • Your BOOK COVER listed ON THE 2nd HIGHEST TOP SPOT of THE FRONT PAGE on, (includes clickable link) as a Level 6  TOTALLY AWESOME PATRON supporter!
  • A NEW STICKY POST on the front of the blog each month. 


  In addition to the above, I can provide 8 hours of PA/VA assistance at this level per month, and help save you time and effort in the following areas:

  • Organise and maintain FB ARC/Street Team 
  • Manage, promote and maintain your social media presence as an 'Admin'. (Great for Facebook Fan Pages and Closed Author Groups to strengthen loyalty and exposure). 
  • Create and handle newsletter for fan base connection and awareness. 
  • Refresh and maintain websites: Amazon Author pages, Goodreads (I'm a Goodreads Librarian) whilst assisting to increase readership.
  • Marketing campaigns and blogger outreach.
  • Beta read.
  • Create and handle giveaways. 
  • Work closely offering a friendly, personal touch as a sounding board, cheerleader and advocate. 
  • Offer support and fresh ideas for new ventures and promotions from conception through to completion.  

I recognise every author has different needs, so I'm open to discussion and negotiation which options you'd like at this level. 

In some cases you may only need this level for a month.  For example, 8 hours of beta reading of your novel. Totally up to you. Happy to discuss. Every author has different needs. 

Once I hear from you we can have a chat with regard to how I can be of assistance to you.  Thank you! 

[email protected]

$90 or more per month 0 patrons
The ultimate value level for small press and hybrid publishers (with up to 20 books). 

THANK YOU! You get ALL the PREVIOUS PERKS (not including PA/VA services).   


  • TWEETS are INCREASED to 300 tweets a month!
  • These Tweets promote your company and books. Example: If you have 4 books and 1 company to promote, this equates to roughly 60 Tweets at $18.00 each book, per month. Plus you still get the extras above - advert e.t.c. - thrown in). High and frequent Tweets.  


  • Your COMPANY LOGO linking directly to your sales page even closer to the top of the page. If you have a special promo going on for a particular title, I'd happily change the company logo to a book cover at your request, once a month.  
  • A new STICKY POST featuring your company and books, on the front of the blog each month.  
  • Each book would be eligible to enter the BOOK OF THE MONTH poll. 

Happy to discuss add-on options. Just email with your proposal. Thanks. [email protected] 

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