New Goal Added!

I'm excited to reveal a NEW first goal we're aiming for! 


When WE reach this goal WE will have 'in-house' PATRON ONLY monthly contests, where you enter to WIN one of two things : 

  • A book review personally written by me -- or -- 
  • A promotional book trailer created by me!  

I get a huge amount of book review requests daily, so winning this contest as one of my patrons gives you THE CHANCE TO JUMP THE QUEUE! 

Remember you're not paying for a review, or book trailer, these are my competition prizes - REWARDS - for you, my patrons!  ;)  

Whether you pay $1 or $50 you'll ALL be invited to enter once these contests go live. 

Let's hope we reach this goal soon! 



P.S. Thanks for your continued support. Here's to the success of everything we're aiming for, and a great future for all!