New Goal: Faster Spice & Wolf releases
I pay attention to my numbers and see what people are most interested in, and I gauge this by looking at the traffic and engagement in my videos. Interest in SAO has dropped down a lot, and demand for Spice & Wolf continues to increase.

While the pacing of my releases have been faster than ever, and I doubt anyone is unsatisfied. I've made it my goal during this month of August, to finish volumes 4-7, which are all I've been donated of the series at this time. The more content I have, the better off I'll be, and the more it will allow my content reach people. Which in turn, will hopefully encourage more patrons in the future.

Volume 4 is coming soon, and as you can see, I included a preview of the artwork I'm using for it. I look forward to soon going beyond the anime and giving you the next best thing to a new season of the show!