New Goals for Page and New Patreons

So every Patreon page has long term financial goals ...however I want to add a goal system that has to do with community members joining, not financial amounts!

So from now on, every 5 new Patreons I will do a mini shoot, like the ones I already do, to share on the feed! This will keep me creating content and new photos all the time!

This means people can join the page and pledge only $1 and it will count towards the goal :D 

The best way to grow Patreon pages is through word of mouth so you sharing the page and telling people in Twitch chat that they should check it out, will really help to hit the goal! 

We've already had 2 new Patreons that I will count towards this! So only 3 more for the next mini shoot :3 

ps if people pledge and unpledge immediately they don't show up in my dashboard, so that doesn't count!