New Goals & New Rewards
Hello Patreons!

We've been working behind the scenes on some big projects, which has caused us to re-work the goals we have on Patreon and the Rewards you get for supporting us. 

First up, about the new Rewards.

Mostly they are the same, behind the scenes access, voting on new projects, coupons for those who support at $5+/mo.

But beyond that we also have new things. 


Our Token system is now live on our website, and we've gone through some testing and everything seems to be working well. Three of the reward levels now come with Tokens added to your account each month. 

To get these Tokens, you will need an account on our website. If you are pledging at these levels we will be contacting you via the Patreon messaging system the 1st week of June to determine which account is yours so we can start adding Tokens.

These tokens can be used on ANY item in our store, except shipping. 


The biggest problem we've had getting coupons out to our supporters each month is the inability to schedule posts on Patreon. We've been trying to come up with a way to get you your coupons on a better schedule, and we figured it out!


We can schedule to send emails with the coupon codes several months in advance, so we'll know that the coupon codes are sent out on the 6th of every month.

On the other hand you'll want to make sure we have the best email for you, to send these coupon emails to those of you who are supporting at $5+/mo levels.

And Now Our New Goals.

(if folks would like we would be happy to expand on each of these goals in individual posts, just let us know in the comments)

We've added a $125 goal for New Art Jewelry - This used to be our $50 goal, but between costs of materials and wanting to pay artists more, we have changed up this goal to a higher level.

$300 is now the Red Carpet Necklace level, where we will be able to commit to creating a new inspired by necklace each month.

$500 will mean we can create and have cast a new and custom charm each month.

Right now we are at $93, so we aren't too far from doing New Art Jewelry again each month.

Thank you all again. If you have any questions, post them below and we'll get them all answered.