The new Greg Army Pocket Knife!

Grab one here before it's sold out! It can cut! It can file! It can screw! It can carve! What else do you need? a Wrench? a Hammer? a Crowbar? a USB Port? Sorry but we don't sell junk here!

The new Greg Army Knife can easily switch by just Sneak Rightclicking onto something it cannot be used with. This might be a hard task at times since it is so versatile, but we here at GTI want to make sure that you don't have to use new Keybindings in your Setup.

It's shear power can cut more* Sheep than you can count without falling asleep**. (* = Premium Knives only, ** = not for Insomniacs)

It screws with everything* and drives it into madness**! (* = screws only, ** = holes)

With a Saw, a Wire Cutter, Scissors and a Knife it can cut nearly everything down, that you can imagine*! (* = your imagination may be limited to reality)

Now for the regular Stuff, Pickaxes and Drills can now place Torches and Candles on Rightclick, the Sense/Scythe now works on Pams Harvestcraft Crops and the two Redstone Control Covers now have Inversion Mode. The Convenience Link is in the Text above.

And as always, thank you all for your Support, and go get that Knife before I'm out of stock! ;D