New GTS video! Reflection!
Hello my wonderful patrons!!

Don't worry I'm not going insane, I know I just released a video on Friday.  I'm working on moving my release schedule to every Tuesday with a Monday release to patrons.  I couldn't do that last week because of travel, so I'm now back on track.  As a reminder so that you don' get overcharged now that I'm back in the game, cap your pledge if you need to!  

And with that, HERE'S REFLECTION FROM MULAN!!  I really didn't mess with this too much and kept it very old-style GTS.  Sometimes you have to let the lyrics speak for themselves.  If you all enjoyed it then be sure to share it!

You all are the greatest.  I planned out my videos for the rest of the year (waaa??) and I could not be more thrilled for what's to come :D.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love!Love and peace,