New Guides & update
I've been busy and there's a fair few new patrons about so I thought I'd post a little update.

First, a post I made on explaining the last few months, What's New on explaining the server change and everything (tl;dr, busy month, new server, site much faster!).

Second, I've got several new guides on my site:

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide - Despite just coming out today (and only in a test market) I couldn't help but start playing and making a guide for the new Animal Crossing mobile game. It's a lot better than I thought it would be so far, and a lot closer to "normal" Animal Crossing than expected.

Cyberdimension Neptunia 4 Goddesses Online Guide - An Action RPG for PS4 (and PC next year), I've been trying to make a less...4chany, space for Neptunia players to get info and congregate, and as part of that I try to make a guide for every new game!

A Girl Adrift Guide - A newish mobile Idle game sort of like AbyssRium but with more RPG elements, it's got some subtle creepy vibes (and some interesting lategame content...), a cute aesthetic and it's all about fishing! AbyssRium fans should really check it out, I've been enjoying it.

My Oasis Guide - Even more like this, frankly, AbyssRium clone! This is an idle mobile game where you grow a lovely little desert (ish) Oasis and it's all themed around relaxing and positive vibes. It doesn't play identically to AbyssRium (focusing on resets and a randomly generated island instead of collecting fish), but it's "inspiration" is worn on it's sleeve.

So clearly I've been keeping busy, but it's been fun and seems appreciated! Let me know what you think of the games if you're playing any of them!

Potential new features

Patreon today recently released some cool new integrations with various platforms including Wordpress, which I use to build There's some cool potential due to being able to log in directly to my site with Patreon, designating exclusive posts and so on. 

I'm not entirely sure what to use it for if anything, but there might be some cool stuff (especially if I can use it to conditionally hide ads from logged in Patreon users!). No promises but I'm checking it out as long as it won't create too much burden on Patrons.


And finally, a huge thanks to all the new Patreons this october! The last few weeks have been great! And as always thanks to all my existing and former patrons, you all enable me to create cool new things, and I hope some day creating cool, free informative stuff can be my full time job!

Also just a reminder but as always my Discord is open to all of you (both readers and patrons), so come join if you haven't! We talk all manner of games, and I recently created a new AbyssRium chat channel just for that game.