I've been kicking this idea of doing a 3D version of a cover for Wicked Crispy. More of a limited edition thing just for conventions. I ordered these amazing 3D glasses that actually fit over my regular glasses and I get to test out my art while I work on my computer. I spoke with a local printer about the logistics of this because although it sounds like a simple things, the truth is that this old-school 3D is largely an RGB color thing, and most printers work exclusively in CMYK. They assured me they would work with me to figure it out so I'm excited! I also thought about doing a version of the comic where you ned a decoder tool to see the "naughty" parts because the thought of someone holding a little cardboard magnifying glass with red plastic in it and looking at the comic, knowing they are only looking for the twigs and berries is hilarious to me.

*This handsome dude is my son, Gryphin. He is just as big of a ham as he appears.