I've been thinking of a very alternate Jewish history of a gently magic/mystical Western Europe  for a few years. I've already completed critical aspects of the worldbuilding and, as patrons saw this month, have written the first story.  I'm wondering if I should explore this further in Patreon. 

One month I might give some new fiction, another a bit of history, and on a third look at the implications this alternate history might have for how we see our world. When I get tired, I'll play with food and give entirely delicious recipes that belong to this alternate reality. When I'm feeling ornery, I might develop the facets of culture that others mock, such as the dull food or the drab stories. Worldbuilding both cool and uncool.

I might even make it two tiers, if anyone would like to contribute to the history, develop their own recipes, and so forth. If it's two tiers, this would open the world to all things pictoral. If it's only one, it's words only, for draw I cannot.

Would anyone be interested? That's the question. To answer this question, go to the next post and make your choices... 

This question is open to everyone, patron or not.  The fun new history, of course, will only be open to patrons at its development stage. The rest of the world won't get to see it until a publisher gets excited about it.

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