New Illustration ➽ Harajuku Summer series: Luka

Hey guys! 

A new illustration joins PBS's gallery! ヽ( ・∀・*)ノ

It's now time to feature the new characters I've been designing during the past months, starting with Luka Nijiouji. This one is the first of a two-illustration series I've named "Harajuku Summer". To find out which character is going to be featured next, don't miss my current art stream on Twitch! ( ´ω`*)  σ 

Patrons already know about the theme of this illustration of Luka. Since I'm now sharing it publicly, let me copy paste what I previously wrote for them:

The idea for the illustration was to have Luka holding two crepes, one choco-matcha for him and the other, fruity, for Subaru. ♡( ゜ー ゜*) With this composition I wanted: 1) to draw crepes XD 2) to illustrate their friendship, and 3) to show their taste in food, too. 

Patrons of the Basic Tier will be able to download a printable, full-res A4 poster; while Patrons of the Basic + Tier will also have access to its Photoshop file.

Summer is almost one month away from ending, let's celebrate it with sweets and Harajuku's feelings ( ° ω °*)ノ🍨

I hope you've enjoyed this illustration and that you're looking forward for the next one!

Thank you so much for reading! ☀ (๑ ◕ㅂ< *)ノ゙♡

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