New Improved Secret Shop + Last Chance Enamel Pins!

I'm so excited to announce the opening of my new, improved Secret Shop!  This new shop is powered by Backerkit and will allow you to manage and download any of your Premium Tutorials and Coloring Packs, as well as pick up the Patreon-exclusive items I have on offer!

By now, you should all have received an email from my Backerkit that will act as your 'secret passageway' to my Secret Shop!  Save this email for your records so you can always find it when you need it.  Didn't get an email?  Let me know and I'll sort you out! 

(A peek at what the new Secret Shop looks like!)

As with any new system, there may be some bugs!  

One major bug I'm aware of already is that your pledges are showing up as $0 on the confirmation page.  Please note that your pledges have NOT been dropped!  This is simply a display issue within Backerkit that I am working on fixing.  Otherwise, everything should be in working order!  

If anything acts up for you, drop me a line via PM's, comments, or email and I'll get to squashing the bugs ASAP!

Last Chance for the Lady of Eternity Enamel Pins?

You'll notice in that shop screenshot that the Lady of Eternity enamel pin is the first item you'll see!  I didn't want to let this pin go out of stock just yet and wanted to give everyone another chance to help me make them available again!  

If at least 30 of you order the pin by APRIL 20th, I'll have enough to buy another bulk order of them to stock in the Secret Shop.

If I don't get enough pre-orders of the pin to fund the run, they will remain out of stock until further notice.  She is NOT being retired yet, but I only want to stock her if there is enough demand, which is just smarter for my small business!


And now after all this toil, I look forward to finally returning to making more art!  I'll have a few updates soon on my new art schedule and what new creations you can expect to see next.

Thanks for staying with me through all these updates and changes!  Hopefully we'll be settled now and that you enjoy all the improvements.  Let me know if you ever have any questions and the like!

Wishing you much love and inspiration!

- Ang 

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