New Income-From-Art Stream
Because I went through with the Bug Portraits and ignored the nagging censor of reason that it is likely to be a waste of time.

First of all I sold three original bug portraits. And then a friend suggested they would look good on shirts and that he would buy if it were made available. 

So I followed that trail and launched a special line of shirts with the bugs and another with the words. It's a very specific set of designs that I hope to add to and refresh regularly. The site is local but ships worldwide, so do have a look.

True to his word, my friend immediately ordered two shirts for himself.

I like the idea of this produce-only-when-ordered because it saves on so much -- resources, storage space, expenses and such. Also no waste from old unsold stocks.

Next year I'm pursuing the art-on-fabric project as I've found a local supplier already. All I need is a bit of capital to at least produce one design for starters. I have to do another campaign wave of sorts to get more patrons... It's such a tough task, really. So I am eternally grateful to my patrons now who have believed and stuck by me. I hope I am making you proud. ^_^