New Influencer Page at Amazon
Seems I must be doing something right.

Amazon has launched a new Influencer program. It's mainly set up for people like YouTube channels but it seems I have enough followers or have driven enough traffic there that I was invited to take part.

So as of now I have my own personal shop on Amazon. It's at the link above. 

This turns out to be a great way for me to put all the Amazon deals I find in one place. Which, for you, means it's a lot easier to find Amazon deals without having to scroll through a social media feed.

The problem is that it's currently 100% manual. I have to go in and manually add and remove items from the list and can add comments to all of them (which I've used to list the MSRP of the products).

As part of this page I will get a kick back for any purchases made through it. This will have absolutely no impact to you as the buyer. It comes out of Amazon's pocket and not yours. 

Check it out when you have some time. Share the link with your gamer friends. 

I welcome any suggestions if anyone has any ideas on how to better use this new resource.