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New interview! (and podcast)
Esteemed Patrons,

Voila, here's the next interview, now available for your viewing pleasure. 

(And here's the podcast, which i actually find more listenable: )

As well as being a brilliant young thinker, Shariff is both a good friend, and former student of Jordan Peterson. He's a now cutting-edge researcher in the realm of moral psychology and the scientific study of religion.

I know this interview may not be up to the same mind-bending (or aesthetic) caliber as my Jordan Peterson interviews, but hopefully you'll still find something of interest in here. It was certainly a fun--and thought-provoking--conversation, and one that continued long after the camera turned off.  

As always, open to your thoughts. Please don't be shy to share any feedback, positive or otherwise. 

Stay tuned for more material soon.