NEW INTRO!!! And my biggest challenge to date!
THANK YOU to Mike Trowbridge for the awesome new CGI intro!  So much better than the bouncy logo fanfare I had!  

So I got this game, Battle For Sularia.  It's a card game with BEAUTIFUL artwork and a very cool story.  Problem is, it's got one of the worst, most insanely detailed and overly complicated and technical rulebook that took my group and I a long time to decipher.  But we conquered it, played a few rounds, and really enjoyed the game.  

It was a challenge because I swore I wouldn't give an indie developer a bad review.  And it's not a bad review!  I liked the game!  But it's a very frustrated and ranty review.  People who weren't around for my video game days have never seen me get angry or ranty.  I've heard "Y'know, for being the Cranky Old Gamer, you're not very cranky!" this video.  You'll see me cranky.