This is the new version of the old IR-Cheating Mod. If you have the old version, remove it before installing this one, especially the script. This mod doesn't need a script anymore, instead, you need the XML INJECTOR 

- Please wait to translate this mod, I still have to add more interactions and strings.

If you had the old IR Cheating, you know what this mod is about, I reworked it from scratch though, to eliminate the need for the constructor and some bugs I could not address otherwise. The mod now relies on broadcasters instead of proximity buff, so it doesn't matter anymore if the jealous sim walks away, and it's a lot faster and precise to identify the parts. It also doesn't add traits anymore, everything works with temporary buffs.

IR Cheating is a rework of the game jealousy system.

As it is in vanilla, the jealousy system is pretty lame. For example, there is no way to tell the partner that it was a misunderstanding if a random sim flirts whit yours, the partner of the jealous sim doesn't acknowledge the jealousy, doesn't even stop flirting or talking with the other sim. IR Cheating attempts to fix all of this.

Main Features: 

The MAIN file of IR Cheating can be used on its own. The most basic features are giving a reaction to the cheater sim and make it stop talking with the other sim:

Giving a buff to the sim who flirted with the partner (only in case of a romance relationship present, a random flirt will not trigger the buff on the third sim), and give the possibility to the potential cheater to explain the situation to the partner, thus removing the jealousy buffs and fixing the relationship. The new interactions are under their own pie menu:

The cheater has the possibility to explain themselves or apologize for the flirting. Be ware that the mod knows how serious the cheating was, so the interactions have the possibility to make the situation worse if there is a high enough romance between the cheater and the third person:

Relationship Awareness:

This is separated and optional. When installing this package, the mod will also know the relationship existing between the person that was cheated with, and the third sim, and the reactions will change accordingly:

The mod recognizes and changes the reaction based on:

- Friendly relationships between the sim cheated on and the sim cheated with:

Friends, BFF, Enemies, Disliked Sims will have different reactions.

- Family  relationships between the sim cheated on and the sim cheated with:

Siblings, Parents, Children, Family Members will have different reactions.

Broken up/divorced and a special situation for Ghosts with widows.

Romantic relationships.

Flirts, Lovers, Committed Relationships.

Wicked Whims Addon:

NOTICE: This mod doesn't include anything from Wicked Whims, only calls the instance ID of the traits, for these interactions to work correctly you need Wicked Whims, you can use them even without but they'll do nothing at all.

These are the interactions I wanted to add. I don't play much relationships in game (I go for achievements) so I have no idea of how most of it works, much less I play with WW sex features, I only use them for writing, so don't ask me something related to sex in this mod, because I quite frankly don't know shit about sex. But I decided to rely on wicked whims for this feature because it's way better than anything I could come up with.

This is just a more "Immersive" way to add to your Sims the traits from WW that you can add with the mod menu:

Instead of going in the menu, you can now ask your sim's partner to be in a poly relationship, in a sexually open relationship, you can reveal fertility issues or asexuality.

What happens when you perform the interactions, is that your sims get the reward traits from WW (Polygamous, Adulterer, Infertile and Sexually Abstinent). In case of polygamy and open relationship, both sims involved in the interaction get the trait. In case of infertility and asexuality only the actor gets the trait (you can still perform the interaction even after, but only once per sim, once you said it, the sim knows). 

What happens after you get the traits is on Wicked Whims.

A Poly relationship specifically will show in the relationship panel, will be removed if the sims break up the maxis standard relationship and can be removed anytime, but doesn't replace the "girlfriend/boyfriend" or any other maxis relbit in sense of functionality... is just something you can have for storytelling purpose.

The interactions can be used without wicked whims but they do nothing at all (apart adding the relbit)


 The mod can already be used as it is. Since there are a ton of variables, and I can't test them all, please report any weirdness you find.

(there are some weird situations when the sims are all romantically involved, those will be addressed when I'll add more interactions. By the way, if the sim reacting has a romance with the third sim, they'll be flagged as cheaters too and will have the possibility to apologize or explain the situation to both the original cheater and the third sim.)

The String Tables are separated. You need the STBL package for the text to appear in game.


When the policy Free Love is active, every jealousy reaction is blocked.

This is by design. if the jealousy reaction doesn't trigger, the mod doesn't work either. So before reporting that the sims don't react check that the policy is not currently active.


18/03 the mod now tracks if the flirt was or not accepted and prevent relationship loss if it was not.

What this means: person A flirts with B in front of B's partner. B refuses the flirt. Normally, B and the partner would lose relationship, and have a huge loss too. There is no reason for this, as the partner saw very well that the flirt was not accepted. They will still get angry, they will still be hurt, but they will not lose romance points. (Doesn't work 100% of the times because sometimes the game is faster at changing the relationship between B and the partner than with the sim they were flirting with, and I can't catch the result before this last change happens without modifying the interactions)


I'm sick of people:

- Requesting integration between this mod and not Maxis standard settings (teen - adult relationships, for example)

- Requesting integration between this mod and things I don't use (WW sex stuff)

- Noticing small things not affecting gameplay that would require overriding Maxis things and causing potential conflicts with other mods, and I didn't touch on purpose because they're so minor that it's not worth it (sentiments getting added)

Since the overall percent of people using this mod and being a pain in the ass seem to be very high, this mod is now private and shared with family and friends only. Public version will not be updated anymore. 

The post will stay public for a bit longer to warn users about this.