NEW issue coming and billing changes
Hi Patrons, 

As always, thanks for being you. The world is filled with a lot of darkness right now, and you put your money where your mouth is when it comes to amplifying unheard voices. It matters. 

We've gone off our summer hiatus and have a new issue in the works - a collection of pieces on Black Women's Joy, edited by Sajae Elder and Vicky Mochama, two very smart and talented Black writers living right here in the GTA. It's going to be really good. 

We've also decided to change our billing system to per issue, rather than per month. We think this is a fairer way of charging you for our unpredictable output. We hope you think so too. 

Let us know what you think and pitch Sajae and Vicky if you have ideas. Otherwise, see you at our next event!

xo, The Ethnic Aisle