New January Pages Being Posted Soon!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello and show you a preview of the coloring pages I have ready so far in January.

I'm working on some other things in the studio, so I'll have some more ready later this month after they are finished, scanned, digitized and all that technical stuff.

  I am working with some text again, and I'd love to integrate your goals or personal requests into a new piece. Most of you know that I moved to Florida with the hopes of  returning to school and to get my MFA in art therapy (before the economy kind of, ummm, tanked...) and I really love using my skills and talents to help others.

That's just one more reason I'm really happy adult coloring has become so widely accepted. 

 As you'll see in one of this month's coloring printables, New Year's resolution's are great, but you are already good enough. Please know that. (I hope you saw my note on facebook!) 

So, how are you planning on taking better care of yourself this year?

You are a luxury item, and we don't put the Waterford or fine china in the dishwasher, do we?

The nicer things require extra care. ;-)

You've done great things before, and you'll do great things again.

Just trust yourself and the people that you know are looking out for your best interests.

 Trust that everything really is okay despite the crazy news reports. 

Trust that there are good things in your life. 

Trust that you rock.

Trust that this year will great. 

Trust that it's all in perception.


Thank you for trusting me with your support.

It means so much, and I'm very grateful.

Please, let me know how I can help you this year. 

It makes my soul sing when I get to make work that helps someone else.

And please, share this Patreon page! 

If you know anyone that you think would like to color the printables, get discounts on my original artwork commissions or watercolor prints in my Etsy shop, or just support my work in general by pledging, I would really appreciate you sharing my page!

 Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help!


D. Renée

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