New Job/ New World
       As soon as Janice came into the nursing home  room, Mary tapped the bruise on her arm. "You have to get away from him. "

       Janice sighed and nodded. "You were telling me about that gang fight in your Emergency Room. The Centaur gang?"

        "You should go there. You need to get away and they need you. The door is in the back of my closet." She pointed. Janice parted the few dresses and nightgowns to assure her that there was no door. She saw an iron-bound wooden door.  Her rational mind screamed silently. Mary reached a folded piece of paper out to her. "I wrote you a recommdation. Now go." Janice took the paper automaticly.

        Janice looked out the window at the blowing snow and picked up her purse with a change of clothes and her paperwork. She had to go somewhere. She opened the door and stepped through.

      And found herself in a corridor of a normal seeming hosipital. She tried to turn back but the door was gone. She pulled her phone from her bag. GPS wasn't working but she had full bars. She texted Mark. "I'm leaving you." She dropped the phone back in her bag.

      Nowhere to go but on. After a few turns she found the usual little old lady at the Information desk. "I'm here for the Emergency Room job." Time with Mark had taught her how to lie with a straight face.

     "Ask for Janice Wolf. She's on duty. But it should be her break time." She gave directions. 

       Past a door that said 'staff only', she found the break room.  Everything looked normal couple sofas, vending machines, tired nurses. "I'm Janice Kulpere. I'm here the job. Mary Jorgenson told me to come here."

       A tall redheaded woman stood up. "I'm Margeret Wolf. Come on back." 

       Janice followed her into the back and handed her mary's letter and her paperwork. It seemed to be only minutes before the question she had been dreading came up.

        "Mary has high praise for you but you know I'm going to ask why you left L.A."

       Janice took a breath and the words almost tumbled out. "There was a shooting in parking lot. I thought I wanted piece and quiet. Married a farmer, moved to the sticks. Whole nine yards. 

        Margeret paused. "What about him, now?"

         "The cows can keep him." After a quick quiz and some paperwork, Janice realized that Margaret was shaking her hand. "Welcome to the Fenris Ulf Emergency Room. I hope you like it here. We're shorthanded." 

        Margeret led her the desk of the Emergency Room. "You'll get the hang of things soon. There's plenty of translators but most people speak some English. I'll just run through some things in the filing system." She handed Janice  a thick book titled,  "Emergency Procedures for Non-Humans". "I'm afraid until you have that down. You'll be working the desk. It's not permenant."

        Janice smiled it felt good to have a book to study again. "Of course I have to understand the local situation."

      Margeret smiled. "OK, I'll go over the filing system. Now H is human. You need any help there.  W is for were, the letter after is the kind, w for wolf, f for feline, you get it. V is vampire. F is Fey. C is centaur. And O is other."

     Janice nodded blankly. "Other what?"

     Margeret shrugged. "We had a satyr once, a drunk ghost, few weird things." Don't worry, those are rare."