New Jobs and Not
Our financial system may be improving here, as the one who has over the years always had the better paying jobs but has been without income for almost three years now has just been offered a decent new job.  Tomorrow is the pre-employment physical, and if that goes well orientation is early next month.  Here's hoping.

I had mentioned a band in search of a bass guitar player.  It seems that having seen my resume they are not interested in me, so I don't have to ponder whether this is something I can do.

Meanwhile, Joe Kondor gets settled into his job in a big way in Old Verses New; Chapter 8, Kondor 44.  I'm still struggling with artwork for future images--I can't seem to figure out how this Paint Shop Pro 7 works, because sometimes I can do what I want and other times the tools just don't do anything at all and I can't figure out why.  But I'm making progress.

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