My dearest followers/patrons <3

I am starting a new journey! Today was the last day of my job (for 6 months anyway) and in about a week, I will be moving to Vermont to expand my knowledge in art, in being a self-employed artist, and in how to adult on my very own! 

I'm so excited for this journey, and to take you all on this journey with me! As I start packing for the exciting adventure ahead of me, I will be looking forward to the opportunities on my horizon. I plan to take as many pictures of interesting or trying times in this endeavor and share my experiences with you. 

I hope to share with you what this time is allowing me to do and hopefully bring back quite a bit of what I learn to my patreon page! My Patreon tab will always be open on my browser so I am reminded to  post frequently. I can't wait to share this journey with you guys. 

With all of my love!