New kind of subscription: Go Club License

In the world of go, local communities are usually organized as go clubs. 

From now on, we provide a new kind of subscription: Go Club License. The idea is to simplify the process of distributing the digital edition of the European Go Journal among the members of the go clubs. An active member of the go club (for example a teacher) can subscribe and distribute the journal to the other members instead of each member subscribing individually.

The workflow is the following. The representative of the go club receives the files. He is allowed to share the files with the other members of the go club under condition that they cannot re-distribute the contents of the files (no access to copy, print, download). It is allowed to print a copy of the journal for each member of the go club.

There are various ways to share the contents of the journal under conditions that are described above. Here is one of the possible options:

1. Upload the files on the Google Drive.

2. Give access for each reader's Google account and restrict sharing options (see the instruction).

There is a discount of 50% per each reader of the journal compared to the 'Digital edition' tier. If you choose this kind of subscription, please contact us and provide some basic details about your go club: name, location, number of members, link for a Facebook page or a website if it exists.

Here is an example of how the go club should subscribe to the journal. Let's say, there is a teacher at the go club who wants to read the journal and to share it with four other members of the club. He subscribes on Patreon to the 'Go Club License' tier and adjusts the pledge amount: multiplies the price of the tier by the number of the readers. The price of the tier is 2.5 € but it might be displayed in a local currency on his side. The total number of the readers is five: him plus four other members of the go club. He sets the pledge amount to 2.5 € x 5 = 12.5 €. When he receives the digital copy of the journal, he shares it online with the other readers as described above or prints a copy for each of them. For the team of the European Go Journal it doesn't matter if the money he pays are collected from the readers or taken from the go club budget - it's up to him.

The team of the European Go Journal cannot control the way the files are actually used by the subscribers, so we count on your honesty. Please calculate your pledge amount according to the actual number of the go club members who receive an access to the contents of the journal. We hope to develop the project of the European Go Journal in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.