New Levels of Giving
Good morning all. I hope you are doing well. I have three new levels for people to particpate with the ongoing ministry of helping youth worker and their ministries. 

Team Turner is a simple way for anyone who knows me or likes me to say, "I want to join Team Turner because I believe in what you are doing." 

Turner's Tips is the next level where you will get behind the scene posts, pictures, and tips of what I am creating and why. I may throw in a little inspirations and motivtion to boot. 

Turner's Tribe is the perfect way for youth mininistries with little to know budget can get a free resource a month whether it's a lesson, a talk sheet, or a training video. You can support this even if you are not a youth worker but you'd like to pass it along to someone who is.

If you are. current supportor, thank you. I'd for you to continue to support me a the level you are at but if you would like to change that, I completley understand. 

Thanks again for your support and get ready for great things to happen because of it.