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New Life - part 3
Thank you so very much for the help you've given me so far.  With the help I've gotten, the situation has gone from overwhelming to manageable.  If we can finish the campaign, it will go from manageable to easy.  From here on out, the remainder will be put towards things that involve setting up a place to live for myself so I can stop couch surfing.  Things like security deposits for rent, appliances, furniture.  Thankfully, I'm resourceful and can find a lot of stuff for cheap.  So what remains of the campaign might even be an over estimation.  I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

I've been really trying to not upload so many videos for this series in succession.  But my normal episode reviews are taking longer than usual due to an update in the format that I know you guys will enjoy.  Please bear with me in the mean time.

Character sketches by Countess Marie Rose:

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