Hi gang. One of the problems a writer has, is how to brand himself. Your brand is how you represent what your writing and personality is. I write a lot of different things, so how best to do this?

I hope you like this new logo for servingworlds.com and the servingworlds archive--where the $5 and up reward tier where all six years of my past stories and podcasts live...as well as patron only exclusives.

When I decided to leave off any one image for this new logo in favor of a simple, bold font, I wanted it to convey that I've got my pen on the paper, that I'm planning, creating, filling things in, and hopefully that I'm solid, delivering on my promise, and expanding on my ideas.

It's not as sexy as a concept art reveal, but I'm proud of it in its simplicity. I hope you like it, because you'll be seeing it in lots of places (grin).

Have a great day all, I'm going back to polishing up the new Nic Usher episode!