New Logo, New Gear
I know last month was a slow month for paper events, but thanks to your continued support I have been able to upgrade the stream and the goonsquad content. Thanks to your loyal support, I have added a greenscreen, upgraded my internet so we can stream in 1080p, commissioned art for an official GoonSquad, and have booked 3 big events in a row to try and put the GoonSquad on the map. I hope you like the logo and I've opened a store if you want to get some GoonSquad Gear at

This weekend you can use promo code: NEWGOON for free shipping on all orders, but I will be adding a promo code reward for all Patreons soon. 

I'm also excited to announce that due to your continued support and viewership, we have been sponsored by and are closing a deal with Manatraders has agreed to sponsor the stream by offering it's full rental service, which means I'll get to play any wild and rogue decks you send me for your rewards.

Many of you couldn't make it to this months Patreon stream, but I am excited for your deck submissions and karaoke requests. I'll be testing a bunch these next three weeks leading up to the Pro Tour, which YOU helped me qualify for, so if I can't get your requests in by then, we'll double it up for next month. Speaking of which, I'm planning on having November's monthly stream after the Pro Tour. Mark your calendars for November 8th, but if I don't attend GP Atlanta on the 10th, We will do a 12-hour Patreon Stream that weekend instead.

When I started this stream it was me and a couple friends and now it's growing more and more, but It wouldn't be where it is or where it's going without your support. Thanks so much and keep Gooning out there. 

One Love,

Jody MF Keith