The New Look for Ember?
First off, I apologize for missing last week's post. We were just getting back from out of town and there was a lot going on.

This week, however, I'm hoping to make it up to you with this very special image. This could very well be the new art for The Last Ember.

I'll let that sink in.

The artist that did this piece is Giulia Lalli, and she is potentially the new artist for The Last Ember.

Next week, I'll share with you another sketch of Ember we got unsolicited from another artist!

As for the Kickstarter, that is still happening, we're just trying to get everything in place before announcing a date or promoting it too heavily.

I hope you enjoyed this early look at this fantastic sketch by Giulia. Check her out on DeviantArt! 

And until next time, stay toasty!