New Membership Levels (And Other Updates)
Hello! We're making some changes to the membership levels and we want to tell you about them! Don't worry, things ARE NOT getting more expensive. We still vastly undervalue our work and underestimate what people are willing to pay for it, as always. 

Anyway, here's how things will work going forward! 

$5 - All The Weekly Podcasts (Early Adopters Version)

Good news! If you're paying $5 per month right now, nothing is changing. You'll still get all the weekly podcasts, our current line-up of Patreon-exclusive monthly (ish) podcasts (What's Your Problem, The Darkest Hour, You People Are Insane, etc), a weekly outtakes episode, and access to LIST! CAST! live streams and voting. All the stuff you get now, still $5. For the record, this level is limited to 2500 subscribers. After those are gone...

$7 - All The Weekly Podcasts 

After that first batch of $5 subscriptions is gone, the cost goes up to $7. Other than that, this level and the $5 level are exactly the same. To be honest, paying $7 while there are still $5 subscriptions available would be silly unless you literally just want to give us extra money for no reason. But why do that when, for just $3 more, you can get...

$10 - More Live Streams, More Podcasts!

All the stuff from the previous levels, plus access to live streams of the Unpopular Opinion podcast and two new monthly, Patreon-exclusive podcasts:

  • Comedy Night: A monthly stand-up comedy podcast featuring performances from the Unpops stand-up comedy show at the Alex Theatre in Glendale.  
  • Talking At The Movies: Each month, a team of Unpops hosts will gather to watch a movie and crack jokes over it. So then, when you watch the movie, you can play the podcast at the same time and it will be like we're in the room being total jerks who won't shut up. Pretty sure this is a concept we invented. 

$15 - The Birthday Club

A weird name for a membership level that mostly involves access to additional live streams (Heart Shaped Pod, Conspiracy! The Show, Least Anticipated Pod, You Should Watch This Documentary, What In The World, and more). But also we'll send you a card signed by all the hosts on your birthday. A different one every year. We're going to be friends for a long long time. 

$25 - The T-Shirt Club (American Chapter)

All the stuff from all the other levels, plus we'll send you a t-shirt every other month. Sweet deal!

**Note: Due to time constraints we had to do away with the pen pal level. That said, we WILL respond to all of the letters that we've received up to this point, we promise. We very much appreciate your patience. 

$35 - The T-Shirt Club (International Chapter)

Sending things to foreign lands costs more money! Sorry!

$50 - Goodbye to the Mystery Box

Unfortunately, the Mystery Box is turning into a huge time commitment and, in the very near future, we'll be doing away with it. Don't worry! If you're subscribed at this level now you'll still get all the swag we owe you. The next round of boxes will be going out in September and details about what's in them will be available soon. After that, there will be one final box that will go out sometime around Halloween. We are no longer taking new subscribers at this level. If you're subscribed at this level now, we'll message you soon about when you'll need to pick a new reward level and whatnot. 

$500 - Our Monthly Sponsor

Got something you want to plug? Good. Give us money. We'll plug your business or radical ideas for breaking our dependence on fossil fuels or whatever at the beginning of each Unpopular Opinion podcast (meaning the main weekly podcast, not all the podcasts on the network) for one month. We reserve the right to say no if you want us to plug something racist, hateful, or that just plain sucks in some other way. 


So! That's a lot of information! In the name of keeping it at least somewhat brief from here, we'll just add that the $250 level is not changing and that there will no longer be a $100 or $1000 level. 

Thank you for all of your support. We love you all individually and as a group. If you have questions please post them in the comments.