New Membership Site for Food Psych Premium Content!
Hi guys! I wanted to let you know that I'm making some BIG CHANGES to the way Patreon works for Food Psych. Read on for important information about how to get all the Premium goods! 

First of all, thanks SO much to all of you for supporting the podcast via Patreon. For those of you supporting us at levels below $3/month, nothing will change--you'll still be helping me keep making great body-positive and pro-recovery content, and I'm still eternally grateful! 

For those of you at the $3/month level and above, nothing will change, either--you'll still have access to episodes 1-15 of the podcast, which are still exclusively available to Premium members (i.e. not in iTunes or any other podcast apps).

For those of you who've been supporting the podcast at the $5/month level and above (prior to today, 7/6/16), this is where some very cool changes are happening! The following info applies to you and you alone: 

I've been wanting to organize the Ask Food Psych episodes and the archives in a nicer way for you guys, and there's just no way to do that in Patreon--it's all just one big, long blog, which gets pretty overwhelming as more and more content is added. 

So I've created a members-only area on my website, and I'm inviting you guys in! The Food Psych Premium Member Community has all the premium content you get on Patreon AND MORE. 

Not only will you continue to get the biweekly Ask Food Psych episodes and our full archives (including all of Season 1, which is now exclusively available as Premium content), but starting soon I'll be offering a monthly coaching call exclusively to members!  


All you have to do to get the new member content is keep an eye out for an email from me (at the email address where you signed up for Patreon), which will have a link to the new members-only community. Just keep your current plan on Patreon, and you'll get all the goods. 

This deal is especially great because going forward, the Food Psych Premium content will only be available for a $29/month membership fee. Since you guys were in on the ground floor, I'm giving you all this great content for far less, as my way of saying thank you <3 

So keep an eye on your inbox for a link to the new members-only community to come shortly. I'll also continue to send out reminder emails when new Food Psych Premium content is available (like the Ask Food Psych episodes), but now they'll be coming from me instead of from Patreon.

Meanwhile, for everyone else who wants to support the podcast going forward, you can continue to make contributions on Patreon for any amount you choose! All of it is appreciated, and it all goes to good use in covering our production costs. And if you'd like to sign up for the new membership site, you can do so on my website here.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again to all of you for your amazing support! I love Food Psych with all of my heart, and your contributions allow me to keep it up. 

Wishing you all the best,