YO. so just wanted to let you know before I announce it to everyone else online this evening - just launched a proper online merch store - lonely people physical EPs online for the first time, roots EPs, fabric wristbands from tour, posters with my silly face on it, THAT KIND OF THING. (Btw I'm wearing a grey tee in the pic but the ones for sale are black versions, not grey! WOOPS. The black ones are nicer anyway in my opinion!) Store link: http://orla-gartland.tmstor.es The first batch of a few items are signed and then after that they're just the regular unsigned ones! So get in there if you're keen - Christmas discount code (valid til the 31st is 'ORLAWANTFORCHRISTMAS' (lol) for a 10% discount :)! if you're in the UK and order before Monday it'll arrive in time for chrimbo! For everywhere else it may be a little after Christmas, I'm afraid! :) xx