The New Mic Is Ordered!
A few weeks ago, between my most recently-published chat with Ann Tworek and the one due to go up this Sunday with Kimberley Clark, my Behringer PodcaStudio USB suddenly stopped working. It's a multi-component kit, so I couldn't tell whether it was the mic, the mixer, the USB sound card or more than one of the above.

Once the "Well, that's it. I'm stuffed" was out of the way, I took a look at my finances. On the budget we have from my wage and Vickie's pension, I could probably afford a replacement in maybe four months, assuming no other splurges on myself in the meantime. After some recent adjustments, I could have kissed any hope of getting more kit goodbye. I'd have to go back to my serviceable but unspectacular headset mic for interviews and bade farewell to the thought of doing voice work for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully, there's you fantastic folks on Patreon. With more of you jumping on board as supporters, it meant I could likely get my mitts on one in a month. I started asking fellow podcasters for kit suggestiosn in the $60-100 range. The reply was pretty solid: An Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB, which can connect directly up to a PC without need for extra equipment (which makes it a great mic for mobile recordings - thanks again to Shane for his generous donation of a netbook!), but can also connect to any standard sound kit via XLR connection.

Once the May Patreon payments cleared today, I put an order in with one of the most unlikely places: PC Case Gear, an Australian desktop computer optimiser's paradise. I was surprised to discover when shopping around that they had a decent range of microphones - probably for those fine folks who record live gaming streams on Twitch.

And - Birdy, Mike, here's the great news - with the delivery option I chose, I shold have it within the week.

I could absolutely not have done it without you folks supporting the podcast. I may have appreciated you backing the show before, but I really, REALLY appreciate you incredible people now! Thank you for all your help in keeping this show going!