New Milestone Goals for March
(Sorry for the double-post. Patreon's editing system is terrible, and because I edited a single word, it's now deleted that entire post after the 2nd sentence. :( So in order to have my post here, I have to repost the whole thing...) Since the last comic update a couple days ago, we’ve gone up over $200/month to $4845/month in support. You are simply the best readers in the world! That means that we’re coming up fast on the next Milestone Goal at $5000/month: a Patreon-Exclusive Wallpaper—that all Patrons get to vote on! If we hit this goal, Patrons will get a chance to vote for their favorite character and I’ll then commission one of my artists to create a Patreon-exclusive wallpaper featuring that character for all Patrons to enjoy! So, that’s pretty cool. But the thing is, it’s going to take at least a few weeks for the votes to get tallied and for an artist to make the pin-up. And hitting $5000/month is just too big a deal for me to have y'all wait so long for a reward. So, I’m sweetening the pot. If we hit $5000/month, in addition to starting the vote for this new wallpaper, I’ll also post up a NSFW, full-monty, fully nude pin-up of The Annihilator as a Special Digital Reward. He wasn’t included in the Sexy Height Chart for the Guys, so if you’ve been wondering about the exact size of his super-villain weenie (the one that made Kyle’s jaw drop), or whether he is cut or uncut, you’ll now be able to find out. :) And then at $5250/month, I’m adding a new reward. Y’all gave me such positive feedback on the “How Spooky Got His Cap” short story I wrote, I decided to write a new one. This one will answer the question “What is it like to kiss Spooky?”, it’s from the perspective of one of his teammates, and it’s totally canon. Have you ever wondered what kissing Spooky might feel like? If you’re a Patron and we hit this Milestone Goal, you’ll get to find out! (Oh, and just a heads up, this particular story is about 3x longer than the first one and actually got a bit steamy. All right, very steamy. You’ve been warned. ;) ) So, that's the latest update. As always, you can see all the rewards posted so far by clicking the Creations tab on the top of my Patreon page. I'm having a lot of fun getting to answer some of these burning questions about our characters for you. I hope you're having fun too! More soon! :D