New Milestone: Technology
You're right, you're right. I know you're right.

I gotta bite the bullet on this. I'm romanticizing my Milestones right out of having any. Perfectionism at its finest. I wanted goals that were artsy and poetic. I wanted them to appropriately represent my overall artistic vision. I wanted the goals themselves to tell a story. A good, compelling story…

Oh shut up, already.

This is where Colin's mind starts to flip inside out because I'm forgetting the whole purpose of what milestones accomplish. This is why Patreon exists! It's gonna get a lot harder to be artsy and poetic when I have nothing left to document my work with. Fair point. I get that. As milestones go, this seems pretty straightforward.

But it's not exciting! It's not pretty to look at! It doesn't have a story! ::screams into an empty room::

Which is exactly what everyone will be saying about my art career if I don't get the technology issue solved.

So! Here we go. Click here to see my homepage and milestone goals.

$1500 (per month) is a generalized number that will kickstart my entire update. I need a computer. I need a camera. Mics. Lights. Stuff that will propel me further into the Artistic stratosphere. Or at the very least, the internet. These upgrades will happen as needed, depending on which things break first. Hopefully before then. Hahaha? ha? ... ::saves file again::

I hate talking about the mundane details of all this. It's boring. It's drab. It's bills. Who cares about my technology requirements anyway? Isn't that my problem?

It brings up a lot of feelings that I'm a burden on people.

But it's also the foundation of absolutely everything I do and the second most important tool I have (after painting.) The REASON all of this is happening (even the very conversation I'm having with you now) is because of technology. Maybe a computer itself isn't romantic, but it's my window to the world. It gives me a place to be me. It gives me a community I've always lacked. It brings opportunity I never would have imagined. It allows me the freedom to be an artist.

All that sounds pretty freakin' romantic to me. :)

You guys are the berries! I love you! Thanks for pushing me into this.