New Milestone Released!
I have decided to put a portion of everyone's pledges back into the RPG Maker community in the form of RPG Maker MV giveaways!

The idea is that if everyone chips in a little every month, you can get a chance to win a fresh new copy of MV! And if you aren't selected, you will have helped someone else get closer to their goals!


The winner will get a web-store copy of MV which will work offline and on steam. If you haven't had a chance to try RPG Maker MV out yet, follow this link to the official product page and grab the free 20-day trial!

More Support, More Giveaways!

The more pledges that I get, the more I'll put back towards the community! I will be using a raffle system based on your pledge level. The more you pledge, the more raffles you get.

  • $5 = one raffle
  • $10 = two raffles
  • $20 = three raffles
  • $30 = four raffles
  • $50 = five raffles

Of course, you can also get the tier-rewards if you choose to do so (apparently you can choose no reward).

Depending on how many copies of MV I'm giving away, a random patron will be selected at certain times each month.

One giveaway = 15th of each month

Two giveaways = 15th and 30th of each month

Three giveaways = 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month

A similar pattern will follow if there are 4 or more giveaways every month.

Qualifying for Draws

No registration is required. As long as you are a patron, you will be automatically entered into the draws.

If you are selected...

You can choose to give it away to a friend or someone in the community or a complete stranger! As long as this gives someone an opportunity to make a great game, I would be satisfied with the results.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support that you have given to HimeWorks over the years and I hope you will continue to enjoy the work I create.